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Third International Workshop on

Automation of Software Test (AST’08)

11 May, 2008

At  30th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE’08)

Leipzig , Germany , 10 - 18 May 2008

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Special Theme: Model-Based Testing for Test Automation

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Programme of the Workshop

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In software development practice, testing accounts for as much as 50% of total development efforts. It is imperative to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of software testing by automating the testing process. Automation is the future trend of software testing in order to reduce its cost. In the past decades, a great amount of research effort has been spent on automatic test case generation, automatic test oracles, etc. However, the current practice of software test automation is mostly based on recording manual testing activities and replaying recorded test scripts for regression testing.

As the theories of software testing become more mature, a deeper automation of the testing process becomes feasible, especially exploiting the advances of model-based testing. In model-based testing, the software under test (SUT) is considered by means of a model that focuses on certain aspects, often on the behavior of the SUT. Models frequently used are finite-state machines and flow graphs.

A large number of software test tools have been developed in the past a few years and become available on the market. Software systems have become more and more complicated with components developed by different vendors and using different techniques in different programming languages and even run on different platforms. Few software testing tools can support all testing tasks within one tool. Therefore, it is timely and important for the development of software testing methodologies and scientific disciplines as a part of software engineering.

The workshop will provide researchers and practitioners a forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, understanding of the problems, visions for the future, and promising solutions to the problems. The workshop will also provide a platform for researchers and developers of testing tools to work together to identify the problems in the theory and practice of software test automation and to set an agenda and lay the foundation for future development.

The workshop is the successor of the first and second AST workshop held at ICSE 2006 and ICSE 2007, which were run very successfully. They have attracted many high quality research papers submitted to and presented at the last two workshops. A large number of registered delegates participated in the workshop with live discussions throughout the events. The workshop proceedings were published by ACM Press and IEEE Computer Society Press in the digital library, respectively. A journal special issue for selected best papers in their extended and revised version is now in press and will be soon published in the Computer Journal.

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News (10 Jan. 2008)

A journal special issue of selected best papers of AST 2008 workshop will be published in the Journal of Information and Software Technology

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