Tutorials and Seminars

*NEW* MIDL 2020 - SARAS-ESAD Challenge
July 9 2020

*NEW* The Visual Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Away day, August 14 2019

*NEW* Predicting future events in laparoscopic surgery
Invited talk, June 23 2019
Hamlyn Symposium, 2019 - Towards Robotic Autonomy in Surgery

*NEW* Deep learning for event awareness in surgical robotics
Invited talk, May 24 2019
ICRA 2019 - Workshop on Next Generation Surgery

*NEW* Machine Theory of Mind at the crossroad of AI and Neuroscience
November 21 2018
Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol

Machine learning in surgery
Invited talk, July 10 2018
COSUR 2018 Summer School, University of Verona, Italy

Belief functions: A gentle introduction
Invited tutorial, June 1 2018
Department of Statistics, Seoul National University

Random sets at the interface of statistics and AI
Invited talk, May 7 2018
BFF-5 - Bayes, Fisher and Fiducial Conference

Deep learning of machines that can read your mind
Ambassadors' Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence, Royal Society, London, Feb 27 2018

Fontiers of visual artificial intelligence
Invited seminar, Cortexica Vision Systems, London, June 2018

 Towards machines that can read your mind
Professorial Lecture, Jan 24 2018
Oxford Prospects Programme, Jan 31 2018

 A theory of mind for visual AIs
Oxford University, Feb 13 2018

 New trends in AI for visual recognition and prediction
Roadmap to autonomous surgery Workshop, Verona, Italy, Oct 31 2017

Disruptive Visual AI
BMW Group Knowledge Day, February 2017

The statistics of belief functions
4th BFAS Summer School on Belief Functions, July 2017

Belief functions: past, present and future
CSA 2016, December 2016

Belief functions: past, present and future
Harvard University, July 2016

Belief functions (random sets) for the working scientist
IJCAI 2016 Tutorial, July 2016

Belief functions for the working scientist
UAI 2015 Tutorial, July 2015

Uncertainty, Vision, and Everything

The Geometry of Uncertainty
University of Ulster, December 10 2014
Heriot-Watt University, May 26th 2010

Being a successful researcher
P00990 Research and Scholarship Methods, 2013

Writing Grants
P00990 Research and Scholarship Methods, 2013

The Artificial Intelligence groupx
CCT Staff Forum, October 31, 2012

Geometric conditional belief functions
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK, July 7th 2010

Learning pullback action manifolds
University of Surrey, April 28th 2010
Heriot-Watt University, May 26th 2010

New directions
School of Technology Symposium, 2009

Bilinear models for action and identity recognition
Department of Computing, January 24 2009

Coherent Laplacian 3D protrusion segmentation
Queen Mary - University of London, December 2009

A geometric approach to uncertainty
University of Durham, November 25 1608
University of Bristol, March 12 2009

A proposal for advancing computer graphics, imaging and multimedia design at RGU
Robert Gordon University, June 2008

Lectureship interview
Oxford Brookes University, June 2008

Concours chargees de recherche de 1ere classe
INRIA-IRISA, Rennes, May 2007

Robust spectral 3D-bodypart segmentation along time
IRISA, 2007

Learning Riemannian metrics for motion classification
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, January 25 2007

Bilinear models and Riemannian metrics for motion classification
Microsoft Research Europe, July 2006

Machine learning and imprecise probabilities for computer vision
IDIAP, Martigny, April 2006

UCLA Vision Lab meeting
University of California at Los Angeles, January 18 2005

Belief functions for the working scientist