Research Project: Example-Based Pose Estimation
In example-based pose estimation, the configuration or "pose" of an evolving object is sought given visual evidence, having to rely uniquely on a set of examples. We assume here that, in a training stage, a number of feature measurements is extracted from the available images, while an "oracle" provides us with the true object pose at each instant.

In this scenario, a sensible approach consists in learning maps from features to poses, using the information provided by the training set. In particular, multi-valued mappings linking feature values to set of training poses can be easily constructed. A probability measure on any feature space is then naturally mapped to a convex set of probabilities on the set of training poses, in a form of a "belief function". Given a test image, its feature measurements translate into a collection of belief functions on the set of training poses, which when combined yield there an entire family of probability distributions. From the latter, both a single, central pose estimate and a set of extremal estimates can be computed, together with a measure of how reliable the estimate is. Measuring the conflict among the inferred belief functions provides a way of tackling occlusions and imperfect localization, and flags the need to update the model.

We call this technique "Belief Modelling Regression".
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 Lab Member(s): Wenjuan Gong, Fabio Cuzzolin