Research Project: Algebra of frames
Lattice structure of families of frames
Algebraic analysis of independence of frames
A major pillar of evidential reasoning is the formalization of the idea of structured collection of representations of the external world, encoded by the notion of 'family of frames'.
We lay the foundations for a rigorous algebraic analysis of the conflict problem, by studying the algebraic structure of the families of compatible frames as mathematical objects obeying a small number of axioms, originally proposed by Shafer.
We distinguish finite from general families of frames, describe the monoidal properties of compatible collections of both frames and refinings, and introduce the internal operation of 'maximal coarsening', which in turns induces in a family of frames the structures of Birkhoff, upper semimodular and lower semimodular lattice.
We outline a proposal for dealing with possibly conflicting belief functions defined on different compatible frames in an algebraic setting, based on building a new collection of combinable BFs via a 'pseudo Gram-Schmidt' algorithm. To investigate this possibility, we investigate the relation between Shafer's definition of independence of frames and various extensions of matroidal independence to compatible frames as elements of a semimodular lattice, in order to draw some conclusions on a conjectured algebraic solution to the conflict problem.
Relevant papers:
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