Wojtek Buczynski


I am a full-time finance and technology professional working in London and a part-time PhD student at the University of Cambridge. I am researching ethics and applications of Artificial Intelligence with focus on financial services.
I have worked in financial analytics, risk, product management and strategy, investment compliance, and AI governance. I enjoyed all of these, but product and AI are the areas I have enjoyed the most so far. My main interest areas are behavioural finance, ESG, alternative data, and AI in investment management.

I am enthusiastic event-goer. Whenever possible (and whenever something interesting is on) I go to the Royal Institution, Royal Society, or various meetups. New Scientist Live is usually the happiest 4 days in my annual calendar.
The little free time I have left I spend reading fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, or Wired (contributing an article to Wired is one of my lifelong dreams). When I am not reading then I'll be watching some sci-fi / indie / world cinema movies or TV from the MacFarlane / Waller-Bridge / Murphy / Falchuk / Pizzolatto / Roddenberry / Dunham / Davis / French & Saunders canon. Whenever (if ever…) I still have any time left after this, I’d occasionally try to write something for my blog (wbuczynski.com)

In the future I hope to continue working at the intersection of finance and tech – be it in London or elsewhere.


AI in equity market prediction and portfolio construction: a critical appraisal of state of the art from the investment perspective. A meta-analysis. (in progress)