Lab Members
Faculty Members
Prof Fabio Cuzzolin
Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Director
Dr Tjeerd Olde-Scheper
Senior Lecturer, PG tutor and Research Lead for Computing
Associate Members
Prof Philip H.S. Torr
Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
Prof Thomas Lukasiewicz
Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford
Prof Helen Dawes
Movement Science Group, Oxford Brookes University
*NEW* Prof Barbara Sahakian
Department of Psychiatry, Cambridge University
Dr Patrick Esser
Movement Science Group, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Andrew Bradley
Autonomous Driving group, Oxford Brookes University
Prof Nigel Crook
Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange
Dr Matthias Rolf
Senior Lecturer in Robotics, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Fridolin Wild
Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Chunlai Zhou
Renmin University of China, Beijing
Professor Derick Wade
Professor in Rehabilitation, Oxford Brookes University
Prof Kenneth Camilleri
University of Malta
*NEW* Prof Subhasis Chaudhuri
Director of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
*NEW* Dr Ian Cowling
CTO, Sportslight Technologies
Research Fellows, Postdoctoral Researchers and Associates
Dr Reza Javanmard Alitappeh
Research Fellow in AI for Autonomous Driving
(March 2019 - Nov 2019)
Dr Neha Barghava
KTP Associate with Createc
(May 2019 - Apr 2021)
*NEW* Prof Inna Skarha-Bandurova
SARAS Research Fellow
(Aug 2019 - Dec 2020)
*NEW* Dr Vivek Singh Bawa
SARAS Research Fellow
(Aug 2019 - Dec 2020)
*NEW* Dr Dinesh Jackson Samuel Ravindran Charles
SARAS Research Fellow
(Oct 2019 - Dec 2020)
*NEW* Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed
SARAS Research Fellow
(Dec 2019 - Dec 2020)
*NEW* Dr Lei Liu
SARAS Research Fellow
(Jan 2020 - Dec 2020)
Huawei Research Fellow
Leverhulme Research Fellow #1
Leverhulme Research Fellow #2
Based at Cambridge University (2019-2021)
Leonardo Research Fellow #1
Leonardo Research Fellow #2
Prof Ahmad Osman
Fraunhofer Institute, Saarbrucken, Germany
(August 2019)
Silvio Olivastri
Research Engineer
AI Labs, Bologna, Italy
(August-Setepmber 2019)
*NEW* Prof Biplab Banerjee
Assistant Professor of Machine Learning, IIT Bombay
(Feb 2020)
*NEW* Omkar Gune
PhD student, IIT Bombay
(Feb - Apr 2020)
PhD Students
Gurkirt Singh
PhD Student
(October 2015 - now)
*NEW* Wojtek Buczynski
PhD Student
Second supervisor, based at Cambridge University
(October 2018 - now)
*NEW* Salman Khan
Huawei PhD Student
(Feb 2020 - Feb 2023)
*NEW* Devashish Bharti
PhD Student
(Apr 2020 - 2025)
PhD Student in AI for autonomous driving
MSs and Final Year Students
*NEW* Valentina Musat
(January 2019 - now)
*NEW* Anudeep Chikkam
UKIERI exchange student
(June 2019 - now)
Remote collaborators
Andrea Morelli
Visiting Erasmus+ student
(January - May 2017)
Giacomo De Rossi
Visiting PhD Student
University of Verona
(September - November 2018)
*NEW* Dr Filippo Vella
Researcher, CNR Italy
Former Members
Ben Guy
MSc student (Sept 2015 - Sept 2016)
Now with Archangel Imaging
Kurt Degiorgio
MSc student (Sept 2015 - Sept 2016)
Now PhD student at University of Cambridge
Brenda Romino
(February - October 2016)
Dr Michael Sapienza
PhD student (2011-2014)
Later Postdoc at Oxford University, now at Samsung Global Research
Neo Lee
PhD student (2014-2015)
Now with Differentia Consulting
Dr Vinhav Vineet
PhD student (2012-2015)
Now Postdoc at Stanford University
Dr Wenjuan Gong
Postdoc (2013-2014)
(Now a Lecturer at China University of Petroleum)
Dr Andy Carnell
Postdoc (2012-2016)
Now Data Science and Machine Learning Developer in Brussels
Dr Rocco De Rosa
Visiting Ph.D. Student (2014)
Now Senior Data Scientist at HelloFresh
Serdar Buyukkanli
Visiting Erasmus student (Jun-Sept 2014)
Fatih University, Istanbul
Dr Ahmed Samet
Postdoc (April-July 2017)
Now Maître de Conférences at INSA_Strasbourg
Dr Ruomei Yan
KTP Associate and Postdoc (Sep 2015 - Dec 2017)
Misbah Munir
MSc Student (Sep 2015 - Jan 2018)
Stavros Gasparis
MSc Student (February 2017 - Dec 2017)
Krishna Parshotam
MSc Student (February 2017 - Oct 2017)
Shashwat Shukla
IIT Bombay intern
(May - Aug 2017)
Manuele Di Maio
Visiting Erasmus+ student
(March - October 2017)
Dr Suman Saha
(September 2014 - July 2018)
Now Postdoc at ETH Zurich
Stephen Akrigg
MSc student (2016-18)
Francis K'aping
MSc student (March - September 2018)
Santanu Rathod
IIT Bombay, India
Valentina Fontana
Visiting Erasmus+ Trainee
Federico II University, Naples
(March - October 2018)
Parijat Patel
(Mar 2019 - Nov 2019)