Artificial Intelligence and Vision Group - Members
Prof Fabio Cuzzolin
Head of Group
Prof Nigel Crook
Head of Department
Dr Tjeerd Olde-Scheper
Senior Lecturer
Faye Mitchell
Principal Lecturer
Associate Members
Prof Philip H.S. Torr
Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
Prof Thomas Lukasiewicz
Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford
Prof Helen Dawes
Movement Science Group, Oxford Brookes University
Prof Kenneth Camilleri
University of Malta
Dr Patrick Esser
Movement Science Group, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Matthias Rolf
Senior Lecturer in Robotics, Oxford Brookes University
Dr Fridolin Wild
Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University
Postdocs and associates
with Meta Vision LTD
(September 2015 - now)
Dr Ahmed Samet
(March 2017 - now)
Ph.D. and Visiting Students
Suman Saha
(September 2014 - now)
Gurkirt Singh
(October 2015 - now)
Andrea Morelli
Visiting Erasmus+ student
(January - May 2017)
Manuele Di Maio
Visiting Erasmus+ student
(March - October 2017)
IIT Bombay intern
(May - Aug 2017)
MSc Students
Ben Guy
(September 2015 - now)
Kurt Degiorgio
(September 2015 - now)
Misbah Munir
(September 2015 - now)
Former Members
Brenda Romino
(February - October 2016)
Dr Michael Sapienza
PhD student (2011-2014)
(Now Postdoc at Oxford University)
Neo Lee
PhD student (2014-2015)
Now with Differentia Consulting
Dr Vinhav Vineet
PhD student (2012-2015)
Now Postdoc at Stanford University
Dr Wenjuan Gong
Postdoc (2013-2014)
(Now a Lecturer at China University of Petroleum)
Dr Andy Carnell
Postdoc (2011-2014)
Dr Rocco De Rosa
Visiting Ph.D. Student (2014)
Now postdoc at University of Rome La Sapienza
Serdar Buyukkanli
Visiting Erasmus student (Jun-Sept 2014)
Fatih University, Istanbul