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Please note that all the code on this web page is provided without any guarantee.

Advanced Labelling Environment The Oxford Brookes code for semantic segmentation the code for which is available for academic use.
Object Detection Proposals This is the code for the "Proposal Generation for Object Detection using Cascaded Ranking SVMs" paper from CVPR 2011.
Structure and motion toolkit in Matlab: This is a Matlab implementation, of corner detection, matching, robust estimation of the fundamental matrix, self-calibration, and recovery of the projection matrices, plus structure. An interactive Matlab GUI is provided. At the moment the tool is just for two views.
Fast Face Detection Even before Viola and Jones there existed cascaded face detectors, ours was one based on support vector machines, and making the evaluation of the kernels efficient, well worth a look.
Multivariate Relevance Vector Machines (MVRVM)
Matlab Wrapper for Robust Higher Order Potentials Matlab wrapper to Lubor Ladicky, Pushmeet Kohli and Philip Torr's Minimizing Robust Higher Order Potentials using Move Making Algorithms. This software is for research purposes only. Use the following citations in any resulting publication. Note: This wrapper provides an additional functionality of varying weights for the nodes participating in a higher order potential as described in the tech. report.
Dynamic Graph Cuts
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle This code contains the implementation of efficient methods to minimize the energy of a multi-label MRF/CRF, described in "Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: Efficiently Solving Multi-Label MRFs", CVPR 2008. The copyrights applicable to this release can be found here.